이승기: Original Songs of 2nd Remake Album
March 20, 2008, 1:12 am
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I was working this with dindunz and thought other people might want it to. They are the original songs to which Lee Seung Gi is remaking. I am unsure about track 6 and 11 though.

o1. 다줄꺼야 -I’ll Give You All, Cho Kyu Man
o2. 이별의그늘 – The Shades of Goodbye, Yoon Sang
o3. 미련한사랑 – Foolish Love, Kim Dong Uk Note: ‘.wma’
o4. 나를 스프게 하는 사람들 – Person Who Make Me Sad, Kim Kyung Ho
o5. 동경 – Yearning, Park Hyo Shin
o6. 추억속의 그다
o7. 잘가요 – Good Bye, Jung Jae Wook Note: ‘.wma’
o8. 하나의 사랑 – Only One Love, Park Sang Min
o9. 긴 하루 – Long Day, Lee Seung Chul
10. 너의 뒤에서 – Behind You, Park Jin Young
11. 암연
12. 너의 곁으로 -Under The Sky, Ju Sung Mo


이승기 & F.T Island- [p] 천둥 & 착한거짓말

I just have to say that this is one of the best Special Stage performances. Lee Seung Gi performed Thunder so well. His deep voice was very evident especially when he did those long voice straining singing.

Artist1: 이승기, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Seung Ki
Artist2: F.T. Island, Five Treasure Island, FTI, 에프티 아일랜드
Genre: Pop-Rockish + Ballad
Performance: Music Bank- 2007.09.14
Type: 260MB .avi
Songs: 천둥 [Thunder] & 착한거짓말 [White Lie]

Download: HJSplit- Part1:100MB, Part2:100MB, Part3:60MB
-KoreanEnt@Clubbox & Kyohei@wordpress

이승기: [hq-mv] 남자가 여자를 사랑할 때
March 14, 2008, 5:05 pm
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Lee Seung Gi’s MV/Drama named 남자가 여자를 사랑할 때 [When a Man Loves A Woman]. The MV has a pretty sad story to it. Nobody really important dies and nobody has some sort of disease; this made it even better since it strayed away from those things. It begins with a boy devoted to a girl when they were young orphans. As they grow up, the guy works hard to get the girl to school while abandoning his own future. It makes you feel bad for the guy. I don’t want to spoil it, but be sure to spend 28-minutes on it. Also if you need subtitles, they are on youtube, sorry! I’ll go look around if I can find any softsubs, but I do not know exactly where to find subtitles for MV’s.

I’ll make screencaps later. I am not exactly sure how to yet.
Artist: 이승기,Lee Seung Gi, Lee Seung Ki
Genre: Sad, Love
Year: 2007
Type: 167MB .wmv
Length: 27:54
Songs: 아디오 [Adio], 원하고 원망하죠[Wonhago Wonmanghajyo], 눈물 [Noonmul], 제발 [Chebal]
Download: HJSplit- Part 1: 100MB, Part 2: 67MB