NEWS: [pv] 太陽のナミダ
March 14, 2008, 6:32 pm
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NEWS is a Japanese band that started off somewhat like Super Junior. They are pretty popular in Japan, but I only like their upbeat songs. In this particular song, Taiyou no Namida [Tears of the Sun] has a good feeling with pretty good lyrics. The variety of voices are definitely a strong point because they seem to work well together and individually (unlike SJ). The PV has a particular dark and grudgy feeling to it. When I watched the PV on youtube a person commented that “they dance like pansies.” I have to say it is true. Also another thing I feel is flawed is the music for the song. It is a constant repeating beat…gets slightly annoying, but still enjoyable with the flutes.

I’ll make screencaps later. I am not exactly sure how to yet.
Artist: NEWS
Genre: Upbeat ballad?
Year: 2007
Type: 78MB .avi
Download: [MF] won’t let me upload so here is a [SS] link: NEWS: 太陽のナミダ