Requests – Spring 2008

I am a usual request post-er on neko28’s “Fly High” blog, however, if you need help finding any music, I would be happy to help here. Also there is a tutorial here on how to find music yourself.

Usually I help to find albums, singles, mv’s, and information if you ask. There are many people who do not know how to find what they are looking for ~So here I help you find it.


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hi ??
i don’t find that evrywhere..
xr..can u show me what date u posted it??

Comment by lil'mouse

What kind of requests, kyohei? Songs, mvs, ???

Comment by fangorn

yes! please please please help me find an awesome quality of SHE’s mv Jie kou! I love the song and the fake Jay Chou. hehe. I can only find very crappy quality of that vid. T_T

Comment by Tiffany80

omg that was fast! Thank you sooo much! That’s the best quality I’ve seen so far. Dude I’m going to come bother you every day now! XD jk. once a week. XD

Comment by Tiffany80

can i request a single from lim jae hwan???
can u upload that?
reply to me..

Comment by alvin_lin

Kyohei, I need this mv!! lol. I love HaHa’s song You are my Destiny, but I can’t seem to find an official mv for it. Does it even exist?

Comment by Tiffany80

Tiffany, I do not think there is a MV. I checked youtube (and you know how reliable Youtube is!!) and there are only performances. If you really like the song, try getting a performance for it. Performances are always fun to watch and they show the true live skill of an artist. While listening to the song, I am really trying hard to resist liking it!

This performance is really popular. It has Big-bang in it and overall it is very -happy-. It is also pretty HQ in music and video on youtube, which is always nice. The only downside is the crowd noise >.<

If you want to download it, go HERE. There is a 345MB file or if you just want a 45MB performance use the link at the bottom.

Comment by kyohei

Thanks kyohei. Yeah I figured there wasn’t one. =(
Yeah I loved the duet with Big Bang. I saved a lot of gifs from that perf. hehe.

Comment by Tiffany80

So sleepy.

Comment by kyohei

can you find this song?
Park Hyo Shin’s Dong Kyung (“Yearning” – Track 5), Yoon Sang’s Yi Byeol Eh Geu Neul (“The Shades of Goodbye” – Track 2), Cho Kyu Man’s Da JoolKkuhYa (“Will Give You All” – Track 1), Kim Dong Uk’s Miryeonhan Sarang (“Foolish Love” – Track 3), Kim Kyung Ho’s Narul Sulpun Gae Ha Nun Saram Dul (“Persons Who Make Me Sad” – Track 4), and Park Jin Young’s Noe duieso (“Behind You” – Track 10)

Comment by dindunz

Fulfilled! It is on neko28’s blog under requests.
Here is one song I found quite good.
Kim Dong Uk -[1집-Track02] 미련한 사랑
^ Note on Kim Dong Uk: It is a beautiful song [recommended] I really wish I could find a better quality.

Comment by kyohei

thanks a lot..but I have request other song too..
could you find it??komawooo

Comment by dindunz

Found them. Also posted on the other blog.

Comment by kyohei

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