Going to Watch Movies:
[Note: as you can see, I like Japanese movies]
Be With You [j]
How to Become Myself [j]
Zatoichi [j]
Heavenly Bookstore (tengoku no honya) [j] ~Another piano movie!
Su-Ki-Da [j]
Love letter [j]
Yoru no pikunikku [Night Time Picnic] [j]
Lust, Caution [c]
The Warlord [c]
The Classic [k]
Sad Movie [k]
Friend [k]

Ones I liked that I can think of right now:
Shindo [j]*
Virgin Snow [j]
Heavenly Forest [j]
Honey and Clover [j]
Secret I Cannot Tell [c]
M [k]
TaeGukKi [k]*
Battle Royale [j]
Death Note 1 and 2 [j] ~decent movie~ could have been better
Cheaters [k] ~18+
Dasepo Naughty Girls [k] ~Kind of funny
Ditto [k] ~ Good story, bad ending
My Sassy Girl [k] ~Have not seen this in forever. Not bad movie though
Windstruck [k] ~Not as good as My Sassy Girl
OldBoy [k]* ~ Thriller recommended

Upload everything just later!~ later okay? later later later procrastinator later. or maybe never because its a lot to upload T.T , Music is one thing, and gigabyte movies are another!

personal note: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/User:8thSin ~good reviews of japanese movies


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