Brake; stop of a moving blog
March 25, 2008, 2:15 am
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I don’t know. Maybe blogging is not for me. I spend more time on other peoples’ blogs and forums than I do on my own. It is probably because I think I can never come up to par with them. That is a good thing; I spend my time around good blogs. Well it is just depressing…but I am going to take a break with an unset return date. Don’t worry, but I will still be around. I just will not be posting much if at all.
Just one point of advise: Don’t listen to sad music when you’re sad. It really influences your thoughts.


Spring Break
March 14, 2008, 10:00 pm
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Other than looking for a job this Spring Break and spending time outside in the spring weather, I can use the free time from school and homework to upload more stuff. After all, uploading and managing a blog is very much like a tedius job. At least it is for me because I like to be so very organized and ‘perfect’. I am mostly uploading older stuff, but I am sure most of you are already in contact with the newer stuff anyway. The real reason is that I do not organize music right away with the tags and album covers and all. So maybe I can introduce you to older stuff that you may have missed.

For all the posts, I have been using Korean and Japanese (and in the future Chinese) script. It may not be a problem for me to read, but I am sure not everyone knows how to read them. So I was wondering if you all think I should switch to naming each post in romanization or translation.

High-Quality Video
March 13, 2008, 1:53 am
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I really really like how High-Quality videos are just so very clear. Makes the video so much more realistic and enjoyable. I do want to upload MV’s here, but mediafire only limits 100MB per file. Therefore, you will need this program: HJSplit to combine the files that are split into sections. Basically what the program does is splits files up so that the files are in parts. Then the program combines it back up after the file is downloaded. Don’t worry, there are not any viruses nor do you have to install anything.

On a side note, youtube has just started an option where you can watch the high-quality versions of the streams. So the new videos coming out on Youtube can be watched in higher quality… Yay!

March 8, 2008, 12:48 am
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This will be a better beginning. I am a perishing perfectionist who prefers things to be organized and planned. So this time, I will hopefully start off the way it should be. [About Me]: Time is pugnacious with me, and I am nihilistic to sleep. I appreciate the cold and the dark, and I lack any materialistic goals. I believe in what is scientific and real while I always dream of hopeless illusions; love is a fictional emotion that I like to watch and music calms my mind from self-destruction. [Goals]:-I will not reflect on past mistakes as long as I do not remake them. -I should be valiant and persistant to make an effort toward things that matter to me. -Nowadays, I live for myself.

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