My name is Jason. I am 17 years old and almost graduating senior year at high school. I know you would probably ask [like all asians do]: my nationality is half-Chinese/vietnamese, but I refer to myself as more Chinese. Although my life during this period is “under locks,” I hope to finally release myself into some type of freedom; in such time I will be able to do what I really enjoy.

On to this blog, I happen to like music from Asia, particularly Korea, but not at all limited to. For one, I just do not feel the same listening to American music than with Asian music. I very much believe that Asian music, particularly Korean, has more emotion felt with it. It may be odd, but I like listening to some ballads as well as the pop and other various genres. And therefore I create this site just to express myself.

E-mail: “screenname”.ki@gmail.com


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Hehe… I’ve learnt a fair bit about you by justing browsing this site.
Same with what you said about Korean music. Much much more emotion ~ I think if you put the time and effort into building up this site, it’ll become as loved as Fly High.
The way how you express yourself through writing is just captivating. Sure to gain a lot of attention from readers. You can do it! lol.

Comment by neko28

heya kuaisky/kyohei (which one is it? oO)
this is random but is it okay if i link ya on my blog? always like to make new friends with same interests ^^

Comment by baby jo

btw, my blog is http://onelostcookie.blogspot.com

Comment by baby jo

Lee Seung Gi – Street Interview (ER) 080303

Comment by Tiffany80

i’m liking the update.
nice header thing(:

Comment by baby jo

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